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Antonella Giancoli
CEO & Founder

Founder and CEO of Benarrivati, Antonella has an extensive professional career in sales and communications. Throughout the years, she has acquired enough knowledge to work with selective and assertive clientele. Over 10 years of experience living in Italy has allowed Antonella to attain an unparalleled know-how in the trade in order to make customers’ dream come true.

Marcello Giancoli
CEO Americas

Marcello is an executive director with extensive experience in capital and financial markets. He graduated in Private Equity & Venture Capital from Harvard University. Marcello is responsible for the expansion of Benarrivati in the US market. He has lived in Brazil, Italy and other countries in Europe and carries an extensive background in travel. He is based in Benarrivati’s Florida office.

“Patience, knowledge and discretion are key elements to the success of a company”

– Antonella Giancoli


We are always looking for the best, increasingly improving our Know-How and focusing on the quality of execution of the services we offer, in order to develop a long and successful relationships.

Valentina Luvera
Operations (Italy)
Nathália Bertoldo
Manager (Brazil)
Rhaiza Mota
Travel Specialist (Brazil)
Fabia Bernarde
Travel Specialist (USA)
Luciana Spielman
Sales (Brazil)
Bridget Baratto
Travel Specialist (USA)